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Leiths create new Health and Wellbeing Committee



Worklplace Wellbeing relates to all aspects of your working life, from the quality and safety of your physical environment, to how you feel about your work.  Alcohol consumption, poor diet and smoking have long been identified as having a significant impact on long-term health, but work-related stress and a lack of physical activity have been creeping up the agenda in recent years. 


The Health and Safety Executive have recently launched a new five year strategy Helping Great Britain Work Well which aims to tackle workplace ill health whilst streamlining legislation and guidance. 


Leiths are keen to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle within our workforce – this could be anything from providing access to healthy eating to putting in place a range of activities and information campaigns including stress awareness. 


The Office Health and Wellbeing Committee, with the backing of senior management, will have responsibility for making this happen.


We will be promoting future Health and Wellbeing Campaigns in our Group Newsletter, Leiths News.